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Friday, December 25, 2009

Chowdiah: "I call them but GNB in sarees! "

Whenever the name Radha & Jayalakshmi pops up these days a simultaneous void is cast in many a heart, as is echoed in these sentiments from many members of a well known forum:

“I have an impression that the music world has totally forgotten this duo”
“I agree. I was floored by an astounding amruthavarshini and have been searching for more from this duo” or

“Their music is a beautiful breeze” In 50s, they were most sought musicians by almost all the Sabhas.
etc. "

There are any number of reasons (all but only known to the one above) why anyone’s life takes a particular pattern. Ours can only be one of speculation, till the sources themselves decide to reveal the real reasons. Till then, we can only draw upon their beautiful memories and recall them as fresh as they were during the days when theirs was but to command.

We offer the following (close to our hearts) picture of the duo performing in “Parvathi”, Mysore in 1962.

[Courtesy: Book "Sangeetharatna Mysore T. Chowdaiah" by K. Srikantiah; Prasaranga, University of Mysore 2007]

During their performance, a very distinguished guest, a great admirer of theirs and a well known colleague and a friend of their Guru, GNB, happened to drop in to offer them his encouragement; it was none other than Sriman T. Chowdiah , himself! (please look for picture displayed elsewhere). What greater tribute can one obtain than the one that Chowdiah bestowed on them by calling them “GNB in Sarees!” and by adding “Listening to their heavenly performance I have lost my mind!”

We offer you Chowdiah’s living voice from that day:

And, finally, a concert

[01-Paripalayamam-Reetigowla; 02-Rararajeeva-Mohanam; 03-Evarimata-Kambodi; 04-Emani-VeeraVasantham; 05-RTP-Shanmukhapriya; 06-Sharavana-Shanmukhapriya; 07-Tharakka- Tilang ; 08-SHLOKA-Kedaragowla, Saveri;]