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Monday, July 19, 2010

Simply Scintillating – Vidwan Trichur V. Ramachandran

Did you recognize him?
This is a picture posted earlier from Lakshmi Shankar's concert in 1970.
The beaming Maestro is seated front row extreme left (in a dark shirt)

We have written in many places, in our earlier postings, about the heady attraction that GNB's persona and music held for Mr. K. Srikantiah. The latter not only had many flourishing meetings with the superstar, but he was a host as well as a part of GNB's entourage in several concerts in India. Most regrettably the precious recordings of GNB's concerts in "Parvathi" have been lost over the years.

The year 1974 also seems significant. We have already featured several splendid concerts held at Parvathi in 1974. Now we give you another brilliant concert – this time in the GNB school- from Vidwan Trichur V. Ramachandran.

After the passing of GNB, many were missing his fast-paced, colourful briga-laden music from a rich male voice that evoked the same feeling. Then came his disciple Trichur Ramachandran. He had the bright personality, rich voice, a typical GNB-style of singing, and treated audiences to rich fare. The Parvathi concert from 1974 was no exception. He was accompanied by none other than Vidwan M. Chandrasekaran and Vidwan Vellore Ramabhadran. Vidwan H.P. Ramachar was on the khanjira. The concert we feature here has a brisk tempo, is extremely pleasing and keeps you on your toes as it were... rapid brigas, excellent repartees, inspired mridangam play, and at several points a feast of dialogue between the vocalist and the violinist. In a way this concert typifies the treat that rasikas came to associate with Parvathi concerts.

A few years ago, Vidwan Ramachandran was honoured in Chennai for completing fifty years of service to music. From the words he spoke that day. his humility oozes out. We quote from The Hindu [http://www.hindu.com/2006/12/01/stories/2006120113660600.htm]:

Mr. Ramachandran said it was important that those who wanted to learn Carnatic music should listen as many concerts of veteran musicians as possible. This was what he learnt from his master, GNB. Describing the period of 1945-60 as the golden period of Carnatic music, he said the exposure, which he got by attending music concerts of stalwarts during the period, laid a strong basis for him to develop himself as a musician.

[ Courtesy: The Hindu ]

The Parvathi Concert

Trichur V Ramachandran---Vocal
M. Chandrasekharan -----Violin
Vellore Ramabhadran ----Mridangam
H.P Ramachar -----Khanjira
at Parvathi on 6-4-1974

01. Nera nammi-Kaanada Ata Tala Varna – Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar *** 02. Pranamamyaham – Gowla – Mysore Vasudevachar *** 03. Rama nannu borvara – Hari Kambhoji – Thyagaraja *** 04. Manasa etulo – Malaya marutha – Thyagaraja *** 05. Baageaayenayya - Chandrajyothi- Thyagaraja *** 06. Paridana Micchite -Bilahari – Patnam Subrahmanya Iyer *** 07.Marugelara-Jayantashri – Thyagaraja*** 08. Ramakatha sudha – Madhyamavathi-Thyagaraja *** 09. Sarasa sama dana-Kapi narayani -Thyagaraja*** 10. Kambhoji Ragam Tanam Pallavi*** 11. Sonnadai Saidida—Ragamalika – Mayuram Vishwanatha Sastri *** 12. Janathi Rama Shloka – Saveri, Shahana,Aananda Bharavi, Saama,, Ninnu pogada tarama – GNB *** 13. Yadava nee baa -Mand- Purandaradasa *** 14.Radha sameta Krishna – Mishra Yaman - traditional *** 15.Dhanashree Tillana – Swathi Thirunal *** 16. Pavamana – Sourashtra – Thyagaraja Mangalam