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Friday, November 18, 2011

Gamanashrama sung by Ganavisharade Dr. M. L. Vasanthakumari

To our community of listeners, we bring again another stellar concert from the redoubtable Dr. MLV. A musician hailing from the classical mould, she combined outstanding creativity with excellent voice control. The result was quite often deeply memorable raga elaborations, rare krithis mined from the repository of compositions going beyond the trinity, and a brisk technique of delivery that gripped the audience from the word go. It is no exaggeration that today, as we listen to fast paced "modernist" Carnatic music, we often recall the GNB bani and the unique place held in our hearts by Dr. MLV.

In this concert, we are treated to elaborate renderings of Madhyamavati and Kharaharapriya. The recording quality is not good in quite a few places. But there is a persuasive argument why we share this concert - there is a brilliant, yes brilliant, rendering of Gamanashrama in the Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi. Dr. MLV is quite at home giving us the rich fare of a rare raga more remembered as the 53rd Melakarta whose Janyas are Purvi Kalyani and Hamsanandi. There are very few compositions in this raga which was called Gamakakriya by the Dikshitar school. There are also only a handful of recordings of RTP in this raga in Carnatic music archives. We could translate literally Gamanashrama to 'tough going'!

The concert has many fine Bhajans, Dasa compositions and ragamalikas. Overall a rich experience that one associated with Dr. MLV in Parvathi concerts.

April 1, 1972

Dr. M.L. Vasanthakumari --- Vocal
Smt T.M. Prabhavathi --- Pinpattu
Sri Tiruvallur Subrahmanyam --- Violin
Sri Tanjavur Krishnamurthy Rao --- Mridangam
Sri H.P.Ramachar --- Khanjira.

01_Varnam- Shuddha Todi- Kothavasal Venkatarama Iyer 4:37
02_Srimahaganapathe_Abhogi - N.S. Ramachandran 4:22
03_Swaminatha_Natai_ Muthuswami Dikshitar 7:44
04_Nadupai_Madhyamavathi_ Thyagaraja 19:12
05_Kalayami Raghuramam_Begada_Swathi Thirunal 20:03
06_Mariyadagadayya_Bhairavam_Thyagaraja 5:55
07_Ramaneesamana_Kharaharapriya_Thyagaraja 29:25
10 Gamanashrama RTP ( Kanada Hindola) 43:08
11_Yadavaraya_Ragamalika_Kanakadasa 5:31
12_Yakenirdaya_Ragamalika-Purandaradasa 5:47
13_Abhang_Devaranama 8:11
14_Payoji Maine Ramratan_Mishra Pahadi_Meera Bai 4:35
15_Ragamalika Shloka Mamava Pattabhirama_Manirangu_Dikshitar9:33
16_Barokrishnayya_Ragamalika_Kanakadasa 4:55
17_Mangalam 0:39