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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Worshipping Chamundi – The Spirit of Navaratri


We feature during this Navaratri, music from the duo of Parween Sultana and Dilshad Khan. They performed in Parvathi 22 years ago. In this concert, they have sung a beautiful khayal with words of prayer to Goddess Saraswati, the deity conferring the gifts of music and arts. Then follow a thumri and bhajan in Pahadi. They round off the concert with their signature bhajan “Bhavani” in Mishra Bhairavi.

This concert is significant on many levels. The famous city of Mysore, with its presiding deity of Chamundi and the celebrated Dassara Navaratri festival, attracts musical stalwarts from all parts of the world. Just as the Maharaja was the patron of philharmonic music and western composers, he was also a great Sri Vidya "upasaka" and Carnatic composer in his own right. So Mysore symbolizes a very open milieu for excellence in music, and also symbolises the spirit of Devi worship (especially during the Navaratri festival). Navaratri is dedicated to worshiping the Devi in her forms of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Chamundi or Bhavani.

CHAMUNDI DEVI - MYSORE [ Courtesy: shobhakarandlaje.com ]

We also offer our respectful remembrances of the great Vidwan Madurai Mani Iyer, whose birth centenary is on 25 October 2012. We feature here a fine article ( "Periyava & Music" - CLICK ) by Mr B. M. N. Murthy [see Footnote], which narrates how this Maha Vidwan was known for his wonderfully beautiful and worshipful music.

We reproduce (partially from the article):

Happy Navaratri!

Concert Details

Begum Parween Sultana & Ustad Dilshad Khan – Hindustani Vocal Duet

Held at Parvathi, October 10, 1990

Song List

01.Hamsadhwani Khayal *** 02. Thumri – Pahadi *** 03. Nandanandana Giridhari Bhajan*** 04. Bhavani Dayani – Bhajan – Mishra Bhairavi ***

[ FOOTNOTE: Mr. B.M.N. Murthy has had a very distinguished career in Civil Engineering, retiring from professional life as Chief Engineer at LIC, India. What has been very remarkable in his life, is his rare collections and subsequent writings on India's great heritage and achievements. Many people, particularly the younger generations, have been very thankful to him for disseminating this knowledge to them. The Hindu, as we tagged previously, also wrote on his inspired efforts. From time to time, we too draw on his articles. He hails from a family of renowned "Vaidikas" connected very closely with the House of Sringeri ]