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Sunday, August 18, 2013

2013 - K.Puttu Rao Memorial Music Festival

Inviting all 'Rasikas'

Respected Rasikas,

We thank all of you who honor us with your kind presence day in and day out on this blog. We wish through you, to include many others.

We further request you to make your kind presence felt at the observance below:

We also wish to thank many of the Vidwans and Vidushis who will be performing with their virtuosity and learning, in truth to their great tradition. We wish to thank many of their great lineages, in parents, grandparents and teachers who have imbibed in them.

As this occasion is for the remembrance of a great music connoisseur, the 'Pitru'( ancestor ) of our Host Mr. K. Srikantiah, we also invite remembrances of many of the great musical 'Pitru(s)', who were once with us, and who commandeered the very same platform.