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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

' I wish I had met you earlier ' - K.J. Yesudas

Vid. K.J. Yesudas in 2000 : "Parvathi" Ramanavami Music Festival

Reminiscences by K.Srikantiah

" We are pleased to present this time, in our blog, a full length concert of Sri. K.J.Yesudas during our Sri Ramanavami Music Festival on April 19, 2000 at Mysore.

I also take this opportunity to wish my dear friend, Yesudas, a very Happy New Year ! January is also the month when he performs Pooja and Homam at Mookambika Temple on the occasion of his birthday. May Goddess Mookambika Bless him with perfect health, longevity of life, and may he continue to enthrall his countless fans inside and outside of India. "

" When I go down my memory lane, I vividly recollect the day I first met him on April 18, 1976. Our friendship began on a rather discordant note. Yesudas was to sing at my Ramanavami Festival on April 14, 1976. Music of films like 'Chit Chor' , 'Apoorva Ragangal' etc, were a super hit by then, and Yesudas was a heart-throb of thousands of music-lovers. He was a versatile singer in both carnatic classical music and film music, which was very rare. A massive crowd had gathered to listen to him,but he didn't turn up, even at 7 in the evening.Nor was there any word or message from him. I was fuming by then.Somehow I pleaded with Neyathangara Vasudeven, and he agreed to sing in Yesudas' place.

Next morning at 5 AM, Yesudas called me and calmly explained what had happened. The car in which he was travelling from Bangalore to Mysore broke down midway. The driver left him alone in the car and went to get help. It was almost 8pm in the night by the time the car problem was finally resolved and by which time it was too late to reach Mysore and perform. After explaining all this, Yesudas agreed to sing on April 18, 1976. That was how we first met. His genuineness, sincerity and warmth completely melted away my previous anger. From that instant, I became an ardent admirer of Yesudas the person, besides Yesudas the singer. "

" His words to me on that day still ring in my ears - 'I wish I had met you earlier' was what he said. Thus began our friendship of four decades, a friendship which has been steady without ups and downs. This was the exact sentiment which Yesudas also expressed during his recent concert at our K.Puttu Rao (my father) festival in september 2014. Innumerable are the days and hours that we have spent discussing music, men and matter, and pulling each others legs. "

" I am deeply indebted to Yesudas for accepting without a second thought my invitation to sing at my festival about 15-20 times during these four decades.I can only repay the debt by praying to Lord Rama to always bless my beloved friend and his family with HIS protective shield.

God bless you, my dear friend ! "

Concert Details

K.J.Yesudas --------- Vocal
Mysore Nagaraj ------ Violin
T.A.S.Mani ------------ Mridangam
Shivaramakrishnan ---- Ghatam

during Ramanavami Festival, "Parvathi", Mysore April 19, 2000.

Song list:

01 Sarasijanabha-Varnam-Nata-Swathi Thirunal *** 02 Sri Gananatham-Kanakangii-Thyagaraja *** 03 Pavanaguru-Hamsanandi-Lalithadasar *** 04 Tirupati Venkataramana-Keeravani -Purandaradasa *** 05 Ksheerasagara-Devagandhari-Thyagaraja *** 06 Pantuvarali Raga *** 07 Ramanama payasake-Pauntuvarali-Puranddaradasa *** 08 Ramanamam bhajare - Madhyamavathi- Thyagaraja *** 09 Sripate-Nagaswaravali- Thyagaraja *** 10 Kharaharapriya Raga*** 11 Tana-Pallavi-Swara*** 12 Tani*** 13 Krishna nee begane-Yamuna kalyani- Vyasaraya *** 14 Swami sangeeta- Abheri- Aleppey Ranganath *** 15 Mangala darshana - Anandabhairavi- Dakshinamurthy *** 16 Rama Rama Rama Sita- Huseni- Thyagaraja *** 17 Samayamithapoorva- ragamalika- Ouseppachan*** 18 Harivarasanam - Madhyamavati -Kambangudi Kulathur Srinivasa Iyer+G. Devarajan***