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Friday, December 4, 2015

Committed to Classicism

Vid. Pattabhirama Pandit, Putturao Memorial 2013

An Appreciation by R. Sachi

The many excellent young vocalists shining in Carnatic music today bring credit to a continuing tradition. One of the best examples is Vid. Pattabhirama Pandit. We quote from a 2014 review in the Hindu:

“Pattabhirama Pandit, trained under the extraordinary maestro K.V. Narayana Swamy, is undoubtedly a Carnatic vocalist who needs to be taken seriously. Having had his early lessons from Vallabham Kalyana Sundaram and S. Ramanathan, Pattabhirama Pandit’s music is backed by sound training, honed by talent and competence which makes him a musician of immense merit.”

Pandit is a well-placed technology professional as well as a busy musician. Such parallel careers can flourish only with a deep commitment to tradition and classicism. His guru, the great KVN, was also several times featured in Parvathi concerts over 3 decades. Sri K. Srikantiah, in his vote of thanks, handsomely compliments Pandit’s music with the KVN stamp and his take-off in Kharaharapriya, which incidentally is a favourite raga of Parvathi audiences!

The violin accompaniment in this concert is ably provided by the young Karthik, son of Vid. M. Nagaraj. The mridangam and ghatam accompaniment in this concert by Vid. Shivashankara Swamy and Vid. Manjunath are also commendable.

Concert Details:

Pattabhirama Pandit ------------------- Vocal
N.Karthik ---------------------------------- Violin
Shivashankara Swamy --------------- Mridangam
Manjunath ------------------------------- Ghatam
on 31-8- 2013 during K.Puttu Rao Music Festival.

Song List:

01.ChalamelaJesavayya-Natakuranji-Rangaswami *** 02. Sadinchane-Aarabhi-Thyagaraja *** 03. DinamaniVamsha-Harikamboji- Thyagaraja *** 04. Tyagaraja Yoga Vaibhavam-AnandaBhairavi- Muthuswami Dikshitar *** 05. Deva Deva Jagadeeswara-Poorvi Kalyani- Swathi Thirunal *** 06. Rama Neeyeda-Kharaharapriya- Thyagaraja *** 07. Gopalaka PahiMam-Revagupti- Swathi Thirunal *** 08. Shloka & Hari Hara Ninnanu-Sindhubhairavi- Purandara Dasa ***