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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Worship through Music

Vid. Chittibabu
'Parvathi' Ganesha Festival 1968 Concert

A Review by R. Sachi

Dear rasikas, we wish you all a wonderful season of festivals, come earlier than usual in 2017. The famous Gauri Ganesha Festival of Mysore is upon us. Endless prayers, homas, image worship with the choicest of flowers, distribution of Prasad, the grand immersion procession, all fill our minds and hearts with the greatest joy.

Vid. Chittibabu should be described as a unique musician who produced the sweetest veena music in the world. We have already shared two concerts of his before. Here is a full concert performed 49 years ago in Parvathi Mysore! Vid. Chittibabu stormed the scene when Mr. K. Srikantiah introduced him to the appreciative audiences of Mysore in the 60’s.

In this concert, accompanied by some spirited percussion (Vid. Vellore Ramabhadran. Vid. Ramachar and Vid. Vaidyanathan), Sri. Chittibabu unleashes a plethora of beautiful ragas and songs.

The veena speaks to our hearts in the most loving manner. There cannot be any worship better than music. The great poet Kalidasa says in the Shyamaladandakam,

madālasāṁ mañjuḻavāgvilāsām |
mātaṅgakanyāṁ manasā smarāmi ||

Translation: I pray to Gauri, daughter of Matanga Muni, of delicate limbs and lustrous mien
like the blue mountain, the charming maiden speaking with the sweetest voice, and
caressing the bejewelled veena.

The home of Parvathi, who have worshipped through music for seven decades and more, are conducting one more festival on 31 August, in memory of Sri. K. Puttu Rao. Here is the cordial invitation to all rasikas!

Vid. Chittibabu Concert from 49 years ago
Vid. Chittibabu – Veena
Vid. Vellore Ramabhadran – Mridangam
Vid. H.P. Ramachar – Khajira
Vid. Vaidyanathan – Ghatam
- Ganesha Festival held at Parvathi on 31 August 1968

Song List

01 Paridana micchite-Bilahari- Patnam Subramanya Iyer *** 02 Manivinala kinchara-Nalinakanti –Thyagaraja *** 03 Kamboji Raga*** 04 Tana in Ragamalika*** 05 Pallavi(Parimala Rangapate)-swara*** 06 Chinnanjiru kiliye(Ragamalika)- Subramanya Bharati *** 07 Govindamiha-Bageshri- Narayana Tirtha *** 08 Jagadodhaarana-Hindustani kapi – Purandara Dasa *** 09 Devaranama*** 10 Kommalo koyila*** 11 English note*** 12 Come september*** 13 Mangalam and Veda***