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Monday, October 17, 2022

Dear Rasikas, Welcome back to the blog, with new concerts!

Welcome Back!

A message from Mysore Prabha

Wishing all the visitors to Parvathi Blog a very joyful, healthy and prosperous Deepavali!

There has been a long silence of almost three years now with our blog going without a posting. 

To be honest, it was as unforeseen to us as it was to you all. 

The world has gone through very difficult times these three years. So did two of our blog members, having had to face traumatic times after untimely loss of loved ones. Not to mention the pandemic wreaking havoc in all families world over. 

 Looking forward, we will start the music postings once again. 

But, like they say, all things have to come to an end sometime. 

The man behind all the concerts in the blog, Sri.K.Srikantiah (my dear Father), is now 95 years old. Due to
circumstances and age, he is unable to organize concerts anymore. 

It was with a very happy and proud heart that we shared classic music from his personal collection with the rasikas through this blog till now. 

Sadly, the collection is almost coming to an end.
If only all the concerts at "Parvathi" were recorded and preserved! 

Grateful that we were able to retrieve, restore and share so many concerts from one single venue. Well then, onto the "GRAND FINALE" run of the music postings from K.Srikantiah's treasure, starting this Deepavali. You can look forward to more than two dozen superb concerts by maestros, all recorded live in festival concerts organised by us.

It is indeed a joy sharing it with you all. The music postings may come to an end, but the celestial music of legends, the creative music of upcoming artists, and the versatile, appealing music of artists who have devoted their lives to music will eternally reverberate in rasikas' ears. 

The blog will continue to be accessible as before with all the archived concerts intact. Please write to us with your feedback and comments.

Yours ever,