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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

T. Chowdiah and T.R. Mahalingam (Flute Mali)

"Chowdiah had a paternal affection for T.R. Mahalingam (1926 ~ 1986), popularly known as Mali. Mali was a child prodigy, a flute wizard and a maverick too. Recognizing the boy's genius the elderly Chowdiah willingly accompanied him on the stage and introduced him to the connoisseurs of music. And, in turn Mali had the greatest regard bordering on a little fear too for Chowdiah. Like all geniuses, Mali was also highly impulsive "

Mali being honored in "Parvathi" March 14, 1964 along with Madurai D. Krishna Iyengar-V. Sethuramiah-M.S. Seshappa (Kanjira), Rajanna (Ghatam)

"... I had arranged a flute recital by Mali in our home Parvathi. Chowdiah's senior disciple V.Sethuramiah was on the violin, Madurai D. Krishna Iyengar on mridanga and M.S. Seshappa on Khanjira. Since Chowdiah was in the city on that day I had requested him to attend it. About half way through the recital Mali resorted to his favorite pastime Kanaku - mathematical jugglery in svara patterns. As this dry drill went on for too long Chowdiah suggested to him to stop those meaningless gimmicks and come out with lofty ragas like Kambhoji, Bhairavi, Kharaharapriya etc. of which he was a master. Chowdiah added that the accompanying artists were in perfect alignment with Mali's Kanaku."

"Mali wouldn't relent"

"The arguments went out of control when Mali snatched the violin from Sethuramiah's hands. Here again, the program ended in a disaster"

"Next morning, Chowdiah walked into my home in an apologetic mood. He felt perhaps his intemperate interference was the cause of the chaos, and as such he would issue a press statement accordingly. I convinced him how he was on the right track and thus had upheld the dignity of the platform."

"On the same evening, a pensive and repentent Mali, known to be a thorough gentleman in normal conditions, visited me. He apologized profusely for his despicable conduct and desired to issue a press note to clear the cloud of misunderstanding. However, I dissuaded him also from doing it.

"True, to err is human, but to forgive is noble and not to repeat is divine"
[ All text excerpted from "Sangeetharatna Mysore T. Chowdaiah" by K. Srikantiah, Attorney,
Prasaranga, University of Mysore, 2007. ]

[ 1. Evarani-Devamrutavarshini-Thyagaraja; 2. Rama katha sudha-Madhyamavati-Thyagaraja 3. Sanatana Paramapavana-Phalamanjari-Thyagaraja; 4. Srirama padama-Amritavahini-Thyagaraja; 5. Bantureethi-Hamsanadam-Thyagaraja; 6. Nagumommu-Abheri-Thyagaraja ]

Redflag: Song name descrepancies - editing is blocked, sorry!
[ Post Script: One is not sure of what demons lurk inside each of our mortal frames. This brilliant concert had to be terminated that day because of Mali's volatileness. Something started to simmer inside of him in the course of the evening as he saw Chowdiah, even as he started to warm up towards some brilliant renderings ( of course his temperament has always been legendary ). While he would continue to visit "Parvathi" many times after this incident ( which did gain a certain notoriety in musical circles ), he never performed again and remained forever petulant. The void left in him in "Parvathi" was filled in later years by Dr. N. Ramani and B.N. Suresh, who were left to shine in their own brilliance ]