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Friday, October 18, 2013

A Master class in Carnatic Vocal Music

Prof. T.R. Subramaniam, Parvathi 1972

A Tribute by R. Sachi

Through sharing this concert with rasikas worldwide, we offer our respectful remembrance of the late Prof. T.R. Subramaniam (1929-2013). Over the years, Prof. TRS came and performed many times in Parvathi.

(Photo from one of several TRS concerts in Parvathi)

While we were reading the various tributes and obituaries on his recent passing away, and preparing this upload, the title for this posting suggested itself. You have here a master class in how to sing a great Carnatic vocal concert. A master class from a vidwan who was always a student and a teacher, one who earned a devoted following among rasikas, fellow artistes and students for several decades.

We quote Vid. Chitraveena Ravikiran on Prof. TRS:

" Few people have brought to the Indian music field as much innovative spirit, intellectual merit and more than all these, a positive attitude as Prof T R Subramaniam has done for several decades. His story reveals that he has not only done different things but also done things with a difference. Right from the beginning, he carved a special path for himself, one that several others are following today.

Prof TRS has made wonderful use of the gifts he possessed – an analytical and objective brain, exposure to several great styles, creativity and strong laya sense. He combined these to create a style of his own that wafted into the music field in a refreshing manner. It goes without saying that his approach and all too well known musicianship have accorded him a great status today "

Prof. TRS was active even on the last day, teaching in the Music Academy (4 Oct., 2013). For many decades, he had been a music professor in Vijayawada College, later Delhi University , finally settling down in Chennai where he set up the Music Education Trust to implement his ideas of creative musical exploration and developmental pedagogy. His Lec-dems on RTPs and other subjects are very well known and available through several DVDs.

Importantly, the concert opens uniquely, with three consecutive pieces offered as a tribute to Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar (MD), youngest of the trinity and often cited as the most accomplished vaggeyakara in Carnatic music. The first one is MD’s Malahari krithi in praise of Ganesha, then follows a rarely heard MD composition in Hindola in praise of Saraswathi; the third being a tribute by the famous Tanjavur Quartet in raga Purvi Kalyani to their incomparable guru, Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar.

Then there comes a another major item to cherish- the Abhogi exposition and the krithi Nikeppudu daya by Mysore Sadasiva Rao.

Prof. TRS is well known to be masterly in rendering Kannada compositions, especially rare Dasarapadas, with impeccable diction and with his own original musical score. In this concert he has sung a Purandaradasa krithi, in which the saint composer is himself giving a master class in how a musical concert should be!
tāḷa bēku takka mēḷa bēku

Ollē vēḷe bēku gāna kēḷabēkembuvarige

gaḷa śuddavirabēku tiḷidu pēḷabēku
kaḷavaḷa biḍabēku kaḷe mogavirabēku

yatiprāsavirabēku gatige nillisabēku
rati pati pitanoḷu ati prēmavirabēku

aritavarirabēku haruṣa heccalubēku (sabheyalli)
purandara viṭhalanalli sthira bhakti irabēku

Here is a free –style translation:

For a great musical experience, there should be “Tala” and appropriate accompaniment. One should find a quiet time (without hurry!). The lyrics should have poetic graces like Yati and Prasa (alliteration, rhyme); and the right tempo and time sense. Both the musicians and the listeners should harbour great love for the Lord (Vishnu=Ratipatipita). The singer should sing with a clear voice and be knowledgeable (like Prof. TRS!) He should cast aside worldly cares, and have a happy countenance. The listeners should be knowledgeable too (both musically and spiritually). The concert should spread joy all round. And one should have firm devotion to the supreme Lord, Purandara Vitthala.

After singing this beautiful song in Sriranjani, Prof. TRS takes up Mohana and later the Natabhairavi RTP, both highly cherishabe renditions. The concert concludes with some lovely Kanakadasa and Purandaradasa compositions and a Lalgudi tillana. Throughout the concert Prof. TRS motivates the accompanists to give of their best.

So dear rasikas, come, let us sit in the master class of Prof. T.R. Subramaniam and listen to some divine music.

Concert Details

Vid. T.R. Subramaniam ------------ Vocal
Vid. V.Sethuramiah ------------------ Violin
Vid. Tanjore Upendran ------------- Mridangam
Vid. ??? ---------------------------------Khanjira

on 2 April 1972 at " Parvathi " during Ramanavami.

Song List

01-Panchamathanga-Malahari- Muthuswami Dikshitar*** 02-Saraswathividiyuvathi-Hindola-Muthuswami Dikshitar*** 03-Satileni-Purvikalyani-Tanjavur Quartet*** 04. Nikeppudu daya – Abhogi – Mysore Sadasiva Rao *** 05-Varanarada-Vijayashree-Thyagaraja*** 05a-Talabeku-Sriranjani-Purandaradasa*** 06-Mohanarama-Mohana*** 07-Yarukkum Adangada Nilli-Begada-Muthiah Bhagavatar*** 08-Thathwameruga-Garudadhwani-Thyagaraja*** 09-RTP-Natabhairavi (+Ganamurthi )*** 10-Haribhaktisara stanzas-Behag, Valachi- Kanakadasa*** 10a-Vasudevana nenedu - Valachi-Purandaradasa*** 11-Tillana-Bageshri- Lalgudi Jayaraman***