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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Establishing the Instrumental Solo Concert in Carnatic Music

N. Ramani, Ganesha Festival 1972

Text Courtesy: R. Sachi

We are happy to feature here another lovely concert of the evergreen favourite Dr. N. Ramani. Held during the Ganesha festival in 1972, the concert offers delectable fare typical of the golden years of instrumental concerts in Carnatic music.

Vidwans (L to R): Vellore Ramabhadran, K.S. Manjunath, N. Ramani, M.Chandrasekharan

There have been several narratives of the way instrumental music concerts made their impact on the Carnatic music scene from late 1950’s. Of course there were many stalwarts wielding the bow, or flute or veena, even before, who had established themselves as path-breakers. Then of course there were the Nadaswaram vidwans who not only commanded respect but were emulated in several major Banis of vocal and instrumental music - especially for their raga elaboration and swara rendering.

But we can clearly see a golden era during 1960’s and 1970’s when instrumental solo concerts commanded audiences and appreciation from connoisseurs. Today, there is no dearth of young talent among solo instrumentalists. But somehow they seem to have yielded ground to vocalists for a number of reasons. In any case, the home of Parvathi was witness to many stellar concerts of doyens performing instrumental solos, starting with Mahalingam, Lalgudi, Ramani, Doreswamy Iyengar, Emani, Chittibabu, TN Krishnan, M Chandrasekharan, KS Gopalakrishnan, Sikkil Sisters, Mandolin Shrinivas, Mysore Manjunath and Nagaraj, and so on. Even in this year’s K. Puttu Rao festival, there were two instrumental concerts - the Lalgudi siblings on the violin and Chandan Kumar on the flute - to regale audiences. This Parvathi site is already a treasure of over 25 instrumental solo concerts and more are coming!

In this concert, we can sense the enthusiastic mood of the artistes right from the word go. The two songs on Vinayaka are rendered with aplomb. The rare Mandari krithi is presented with panache. In Mohana, the opening phrases are clearly from the Lalgudi Bani, which Ramani holds in high regard. Chandrasekharan is full of anticipation. Throughout this concert, his violin sings so sweetly that Ramani rises to even greater heights. Ramani suffuses each song with superb raga bhava. The listeners are treated to excellent renderings of Bhavanutha, Palinchu Kamakshi and then a fine Kambhoji RTP. There is a Tani in Vellore style also. The audience appreciation can be clearly heard in many places, especially during the ragamalika swaras and the lighter items.

We are sure you will immensely enjoy this offering, and we promise you more stellar concerts soon!

Concert Details

N.Ramani --- Flute
M. Chandrasekharan---Violin
Vellore Ramabhadran --- Mridangam
K.S. Manjunath ---- Ghatam

Held on Sept 12, 1972 at 'Parvathi" during Gowri-Ganesh festival

Song List

01-Viriboni-Bhairavi- Pachimiriyam Adiappayya*** 02-Vatapi-Hamsadhwani- Muthuswami Dikshitar*** 03-Gajavadana-Sriranjani- Papanasam Sivan*** 04-Endukitu Chapalamu - Mandari - Patnam Subramanya Iyer*** 05-Bhavanutha-Mohana- Thyagaraja*** 06. Palinchu kamakshi – Madhyamavati – Shyama Shastri*** Excellent Tani!!! 07-Evarani-Devamruthavarshini- Thyagaraja*** 08-RTP-Kambhoji ( ragamalika swaras -Shahana. Nilambari, Bowli, Darbari Kanada)*** 09-Tillana - Tilang - Lalgudi Jayaraman*** 10-Bhajan- Madhuvanti*** 11-Ashtapadi-Desh- Jayadeva*** 12-Thiruppugazh- Kannada _Arunagirinathar*** 13-Mangalam***