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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Music's Bylanes IX: Shri Tattva Nidhi

What sets Mysore Maharajas so distinguishably apart?

We show you the cover of the first Volume of a Nine volume set.

This is a magnum opus of one of the Wodeyar Kings of great esteem, H.H. Sri Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar (1794-1868). It is an encyclopedic work in “Samskruta” (Sanskrit), of an immense study on the ancient Hindu Texts that talk of all the subscribed “Nidhis”. It is one of the rarest books in the annals of Indian Literature and speaks of fundamental aspects of traditional knowledge, which were unique to India in terms of its towering civilization.

His Highness showed a remarkable memory and capacity for education and dealt with many a subject of his heritage, in his attempts to be a great King and to govern as such. His range of interests included Philosophy, Astrology, Medical Science, mathematics, dance, music, puzzles and even game theories.

The compilation of his remarkable work comes from The Oriental Research Institute, Mysore, a stone’s throw from where “Parvathi” held its music performances. This was an Institute that his adopted son and successor H.H. Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar bequeathed to the nation of India in 1891. This is the same Institute that published the renowned work “ArthaSaastra of Kautilya” by Dr. R. Shyamashastry which drew international attention on some of the great thought processes that once existed in India. The Institute now boasts of a collection of 80,000 of the rarest manuscripts in India.