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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Music's Bylanes IX: Shri Tattva Nidhi (....continued)

In many places we have alluded to the Mysore Maharajahs as great benefactors of art, culture and of people. We have particularly mentioned his Highness Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar in many contexts.

We have also talked of Durbar Bakshi’s (Palace Secretaries) with whom our host Sri. K. Srikantiah would facilitate many a help from the Palace for some of the great music doyens.

We turn our minds to the great composer Muthiah Bhagavatar in such a context.

As our very many of our Rasikas know, Muthiah Bhagavatar, is one of Carnatic Classical music's most famous twentieth-century composer. He is credited with a mammoth 400 musical compositions and about 20 ragas. He was also known to be a Harikata Vidwan and adept at playing many an instrument. At times, some of the great Carnatic Vidwans including Madurai Mani Iyer, T. Chowdiah, Veena Chitti Babu would play a rare tune to an encore called “English Note”. This too was one of the creations of this great composer.

The rare photograph (above) shows him as a Mysore court musician. During his tenure at the Mysore Palace he was known to have composed 115 kritis in Kannada all in praise of Chamundeshwari Devi, the Ishta Devi of the Maharajas and the protective Mother of the city called Mahishasura-uru (Mysuru as rendered in the native).

[ We are very obliged to Heritage Objects of Mysore for preserving and publishing such photos. Heritage Objects of Mysore can be found on Facebook, with permission. It is to their credit that they have created a virtual museum on the life and times of the great Mysore Kings with some very rare photographic displays and narratives. ]

Ah, is it just Coimbatore ?

The city of Coimbatore in Tamilnadu is also connected in more ways than one with the family of “Parvathi”. As a musical center, it would often find Sri. K. Srikantiah making many a sojourn there for the cause of music along with T. Chowdiah or many an eminent other (things that we have mentioned before).

It was also a city recognized as a home for some cherished sweets, thanks to Messrs. “Krishna Sweets”, whose very fine creations would bring many a famous Carnatic Musician such as an MMI or GNB craving for the same while thinking of a simultaneous performance there.

Somewhere, in the passage of time, it also became a city of “Sambandhi”, as “Parvathi’s” extended family found itself with “in-laws” there.

We show you a rare photograph (below) of Parvathi “Sambandhi”, the late Shri. S.R.Nanjundan of Coimbatore as seen with his late Highness Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar. Throughout his life Mr. Nanjundan would have cause to remember his very close and honorable friendship with H.H. and their families.

Mysore’s famed Parliamentary building, the Vidhana Soudha, even as of today, carries many a tile installed from the Coimbatore factory of Shri S.R. Nanjundan.

Continuing with our Wodeyar Kings, we show you His Highness JCW, greeting a young Mr. M.V. Krishnaswamy of Documentary fame (we’ve spoken of him elsewhere in our pages).

Now, how many do we know that can show us such a photo (below) for their Bio data?

" This Mysore-born film maker assisted Roberto Rossellini on the sets of Viaggio in Italia starring Ingrid Bergman and once "made" Satyajit Ray stand in a queue for a cinema ticket...But he makes such facts appear like that serene illumination in the verandah which does not blind your eyes...."
- Sugata Srinivasaraju on M.V. Krishnaswamy

Finally, as we went into print, we heard the heart warming news of a person who made the distinguished PADMA BHUSHAN rolls for 2014.

As all the B&W photographs on this blog reveal, in a rare collection of his much younger days, we are provided with the glimpses of a genius who provided magnificent accompaniment for the greatest of the Carnatic vocalists of those times. This was much earlier to his departure onto a world platform, with the group “Shakti” or with the Grammy.

How do we best like to remember our famous Ghatam Vidwan artist T.H. “Vikku” Vinaykram?

Just as he is shown below.

[ Courtesy: Experience with Mahaperiava ]