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Friday, December 16, 2016

Captivating, Creative, Confident Genius - Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna (1930-2016)

A Retrospect on the great Master by R. Sachi

When someone writes the history of Indian classical music of the past 100 years, they are bound to mention in the very first list of all-time greats the name of Dr. Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna.

When the maestro breathed his last recently, a torrent of obituaries and tributes poured in, from famous musicians, youngsters, veteran artistes, film directors, actors, and composers, as well as listeners from all over.

Balamurali, as he became famous in 1960’s, shook the orthodox Carnatic music world, with his brand of improvisational music, his refreshingly different rendition of sahitya, and his own compositions. He was melodious, multi-faceted, and innovative. If he came across to the public as arrogant and irreverent sometimes, it was a part of the package called Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna. This is understandable when someone becomes popular before his teens, composes in all the 72 melakartas while still in his teens, and fearlessly innovates in every concert, becomes a popular film playback singer, attracts followers from the north as well as south of India, performs famous jugalbandis, and wins laurels the world over. He sang for nearly 80 years, collected a dozen doctorates, almost all awards in the country, and the Mahatma Gandhi Silver Medal from UNESCO in 1995, in addition to the 'Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres' by the French Government in 2005.

Balamurali performed in 'Parvathi' many times. His concerts were always popular. We feature photos from his early concerts and links to earlier uploads below:

Musical Bylanes I (CLICK)

(Vidwan's acceptance Speech in Chowdiah Memorial, Bengaluru Nov 29, 2009)
(Vidwan receiving the K. Puttu Rao-Palghat Mani Iyer Award May 31, 2005)
(Vidwan's vintage concert in 'Parvathi' in 1965)
(Vidwan's vintage concert and felicitation photos from 7-4-1971)

IN THIS CONCERT, Balamurali gives an irresistible feast of the best of his music. We have heavyweight ragas like Mayamalavagowla and Pantuvarali. Especially in Pantuvarali, he scales 3 octaves with ease and impact repeatedly. Nagaraj on the violin holds his own well. We then have a wide range of beautiful Thyagaraja krithis invoking devotion. We also have some highly meditative krithis of Annamacharya, Bhadrachala Ramadasu and Sadashiva Brahmendra. We have the delectable Mamava Pattabhirama of Dikshitar, sung uniquely. The finale of the concert, the trademark Balamurali tillana and mangalam, rounds off a remarkable concert.

In the true spirit of his music, Balamurali will be more than delighted with the listeners of Parvathi blog enjoying this concert all over the world.


M.Balamuralikrishna --------------- Vocal
Mysore Nagaraj ---------------------- Violin
Vellore Ramabhadran -------------- Mridangam
Sheshagiri Das ----------------------- Khanjira
M.A.Krishnamurthy ----------------- Ghatam
on 27 -4-1983 at "Parvathi" during Ramanavami Music Festival.

Song List

01 Merusamana – Mayamalavagowla -Thyagaraja *** 02 Bhajanaseyarada –Athana - Thyagaraja *** 03 Abhogi Raga *** 04 Nannu Brova- Abhogi -Thyagaraja *** 05 Pantuvarali Raga *** 06 Appa Rama bhakti – Pantuvarali - Thyagaraja *** 07 Sri Ramam sada bhajeham – Tanarupi- BMK *** 08 Karuna samudra- Devagandhari- Thyagaraja *** 09 Tani-truncated *** 10 Etirugananu – Nadanamakriya – Bhadrachala Ramadasu *** 11 Rama ninnuvina – Shanakarabharana - Thyagaraja *** 12 Peridi ninnu- Kharaharapriya-Thyagaraja *** 13 Raghunandana Raghunandana - Kedaragowla -Thyagaraja *** 14 Brahmagaligina padamu- Mukhari -Thyagaraja *** 15 Harirasamavihari- Hindola- Annamacharya *** 16 Pibare Ramarasam –Ahir Bhairav- Sadashiva Brahmendra *** 17 Hodi nagarimele- Ananda Bhairavi- Purandara Dasa *** 18 Jo Achutananda jojo mukunda –Kurinji- Annamacharya *** 19 Tillana Kuntalavarali -BMK *** 20 Mamava PattabhiRama- Manirangu- Muthuswami Dikshitar *** 21 Mangalam ***