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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Nightingale of "Parvathi"

Growing up in an environment like "Parvathi", one would expect all of its members to have imbibed music in one form or another. While some aspired to learn a musical instrument (Puttu Rao's daughter Subbalakshmi aspired to take her Veena lessons from none other the great master Veena Doreswamy Iyengar) and while others practised their vocals with another great Karnataka teacher M.A. Narasimhachar , it was only Mysore K. Prabha, none other than the daughter of a strict but doting father K. Srikantiah who managed to succeed into the professional ranks.

".....while her father was very keen that she should blossom into a Carnatic singer; it was stalwarts like Jesudas, Lalgudi and MLV who indicated that Prabha would suit 'Sugam Sangeet' admirably. Art expression to suit one's personality is of more importance than the form, they argued....."
"...I feel that my classical background has helped me to excel in the light music field...." (quote from Mysore Prabha)
" ...her film number, 'Hoovadare Chenna' composed by M.S. Vishwanathan was a resounding hit...."

[Courtesy Sunday Mid-day Magazine Dec 5 1982 by Shanti Mohanarangam]

We provide you with some select pictures of her as she progressed with her performances and career along with a few audio numbers of her virtuoso in both classical and light music.

Famed film actor, director and producer Kamal Hassan offers a bouquet!

while another thespian of the Karnataka celluloid world, Rajkumar, offers to croon wth her!

Mysore Prabha offers "Haridasavani" 1.Harininnolumeyu --(Abheri); 2.Hari narayana ---(Ragamalika); 3.Nanyaake badavanu --(Chakravaaka); 4.Kolananooduva ---(Suddha saveri); 5.Yenendu Kondaadi(Natabhairavi) 6.Venunaadapriya ---(Hindola gamini); 7.Karunisu narahari --(Charukeshi); 8.Naa ninagenu --(Dharmavati); 9.Kande naa kanasinali --(Mohana)

.. seen here warming up with the legendary Yesudas!

.....on stage with a full accompaniment

Mysore Prabha "Classical" Concert 1.Evarani --- (devamrutavarshini); 2.Yeti Yochanalu ---Kiranavali;3.Vaddane vaaru leru ---(Shanmugapriya); 4.Paridaana micchite --(Bilahari); 5.Mokshsmu galada --(Saramati); 6.Naan oru vilayatt ---(navarasa kannada); 7.Maa jaanaki --(Kamboji) 8.Srivalli ----(Natabhairavi);9.Maamavasada --(Kaanada); 10.Tunga teera --(Ragamalika); 11.Kaava daivavu --(Ragamalika); 12.Vilayada ---(Shanmugapriya); 13.Tillana ---(danasari); 14.Mangalam.

.... finally, with an encouragement from the Queen herself!