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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And did you know the King has a voice? : Karnataka Actor Rajkumar

We present here two interesting snapshots of the Kannada Cine Thespian Rajkumar taken inside "Parvati" as he records a song for its matriarch, Smt. Parvathamma. The latter was completely bowled over on hearing, for the first time, that Rajkumar carried such a well honed voice and was very musically adept. When she complimented him, Rajkumar in turn was so touched by her words that he immediately penned some lyrics to her name and asked for a recorder from K. Srikantiah to leave behind the legacy of this, his first visit. Other visits would come, soon and very often. Sometimes (as Rajkumar's wife would surprisingly reveal), during shooting asssignments at Mysore, he would cloak himself in the headgear of a peasant (to hide from his loyal fans who were known to cause major stampedes), park his car discreetly and sit as quietly as a 'church mouse' to enjoy the beautiful concerts of many a Vidwan performing within "Parvati" during the momentous Rama Navami times.

Actor Rajkumar seen in a close recording session with a Micro Recorder perched precariously on an arm rest!

Recording with Rajkumar over! Now, to a hearty home cooked meal and homespun stories!
[ L to R: Choreographer Uday Shankar, Host K. Srikantiah, Hostess Smt. Vatsala, Mr. & Mrs.Rajkumar and young Mysore Prabha ]

Post Script: In thinking of the late RajKumar, we are often reminded of the theme of the late Raj Kapoor's magnificient Bollywood opus 'Mera Naam Joker'; of the one who jokes away with the world outside while ever remaining a grief stricken soul on the inside. We ask you to view one of Rajkumar's last interviews, where he bares his soul to one of India's very fine journalists Sugata Srinivasaraju, Associate Editor (South), Outlook magazine.