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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Readers Page

Aug 11, 2009

We apologise to readers who may be looking for the GNB audios that were posted here last week. When we posted them we thought that the music was actually a taping of the 1957 concert at "Parvathi" featuring GNB-Chowdiah-Raghu. Turns out that it was actually a GNB-Chowdiah concert from Mumbai from around the same time and the mixup was caused with the labels. It was realized that one of Chowdiah's disciples had brought the tape, many years ago, and had left it in the house amidst the collections.

We have retracted the audio since, in keeping with the need to be authentic.

Reader Vinay wrote on July 11:

I saw your blog and was impressed with the history of "Parvathi" . My family originally from Mysore and now settled in Bangalore have always been music lovers. I am making a trip to Mysore with my inner circle family in August. I wish to take a tour of the house you mention. Could you please give me the address and whom to contact when there?


Dear Vinay, thanks for your mail and our apologies for the delay in answering the same. Alas, the graces of old world Mysore, Bangalore and of 'Parvati' have all but disappeared like the graces of Tara in Margaret Mitchell's 'Gone with the Wind'. Through a seperate posting (look under Labels) we show you a blueprint of 'Parvathi' which is all that is left along with photographs and musical memories.

Incidentally you may want to visit

http://churumuri.wordpress.com/2006/06/02/pinda-uruliso-is-not-a-cry-from-paschima-vahini/ where the journalist Babu Satyanarayana mentions the house.

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