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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Venu Gaana Praveene – Sikkil Sisters

To introduce the artistes we feature in this concert, we cannot do better than to quote the article that appeared in the Hindu in 2002 when they were conferred the Sangeetha Kalanidhi title by the Madras Music Academy:

"Indeed, the Sikkil sisters, as they are popularly known in the music fraternity, have perfected the `gayaki' style of playing on their musical instrument-the flute-certainly no mean achievement for, in Carnatic music unlike in the West, there are no separate scores for musical instruments. ``To us the audience is of prime importance. We sincerely try to please them. That is the aim of our music," declares the elder of the sisters, Kunjumani. An unassuming artiste, she talks, on their music, in a manner totally devoid of any frills and artifices. Her sister Neela seemed content to allow her sister to narrate their story. As Kunjumani began her narration, we travelled back in time just sixty years to the place of their birth - Sikkil, a small village in Thanjavur district.

Back home at Sikkil, the sisters plunged heart and soul into their chosen field. They gave many concerts together. They were guided in their every move, not only in their career but also in their music by their father. With careful monitoring was shaped the `style' of the Sikkil sisters. A slow and gradual revelation of the colours of the raga, well within the rules of grammar, delicate swara volleys, a firm eschewal of populist trends in classical music and with several other attributes in their music, the Sikkil sisters firmly entrenched themselves both in the hearts of the listening lay public and the discerning connoisseur. Recognition came in the form of several concert assignments both in different parts of India and abroad. As a natural corollary to their music also came awards aplenty. The earliest was the Venugana Praveena awarded to them as early as 1942, by the Mysore samsthanam. The latest is the ultimate aspiration of any musician, `Sangeeta Kalanidhi,' to be conferred on January 1, 2003."

Mysore is here again shown as a great centre for the promotion of fine arts, and the Parvathi concert by the sisters Sikkil Neela and Sikkil Kunjumani in 1976 is a feast for the ears. Two interesting aspects…we have always said that Kharaharapriya was a favourite of the Parvathi audiences. And also we have featured some great flute concerts (of Vidwans Ramani, Mahalingam and Gopalakrishnan). So the tradition continues as we feature an elaborate rendition of Chakkaniraja on the flute this time by the Sikkil Sisters.

The Concert Details
( held at at Parvathi on Aug 29, 1976 )

Sikkil Sisters (Neela and Kunjumani) ---- Flute
Mysore Nagaraj -------------- Violin
Tanjore Upendran ------------ Mridangam
M.A. Krishnamurthy -------- Ghatam

Song List
01. BrOcEvArevarurA – Khamach- Mysore Vasudevacharya*** 02. Durmargachara – Ranjani- Thyagaraja *** 03. Chakkani Rajamargamu – Kharaharapriya – Thyagaraja *** 04. Baro Krishnayya – Raga Malika –Kanakadasa*** 05. uyyAlalUgavayya – Nilambari – Thyagaraja*** 06. Enna thavam seidanai – Kapi – Papanasam Sivan*** 07. Shloka – Kalyanavasantha, Darbari Kanada *** 08. Govardhana giridhara – Darbari Kanada – Narayana Thirtha***

(We regret the poor audio quality in some parts)