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Friday, July 3, 2015

Bhakti: The Lasting Emotion in Carnatic Music

Vid. Maharajapuram Santhanam, 1983 concert

Dissertation from R. Sachi

Rasikas who have journeyed with us in Parvathi would attest to this fact: most musicians raised their concert standard memorably and gave of their best in the Parvathi setting. It was an ambiance filled with devotion and celebration. Vid. Santhanam, a shining star in Carnatic music in 1970’s and 1980’s, came often and performed many concerts in Parvathi. His music that we have shared here stands out for a vibrant delivery style, a wide repertoire, and a lyrical impact that left rasikas asking for more. We share below a photograph from one of Sri Santhanam’s innumerable concerts.

[ Maharajapuram Santhanam from an earlier indoor "Parvathi" concert with Ramabhadran, Manjunath and Chandrasekharan ]

This 1983 Ramanavami concert that we share this time is no exception. Filled with a wide range of krithis composed by the masters like Thyagaraja and Vasudevachar, the concert leaves a lasting emotion of Bhakti in our minds for a long time.

The feeling of Bhakti comes in several flavours. There is the filial devotion as in Seethamma Mayamma. There are praises of the glory of God, in one’s favourite form like Ganesha, Shanmukha, Krishna and Rama. There is the plea for protection, and benediction. There is the intense longing of separation from one’s ishta devatha. Then there is the glorious joy of beholding or experiencing the Divine as in Kannare Na Kande.

All prayer is a preparation for the union with the Ultimate. That is the essence of Bhakti Yoga. We are deeply moved by this narrative describing the last day on earth of Vid. Mysore Vasudevachar in 1961, when he was 96 years old.

We reproduce below the relevant portion from the famous book, With Masters of Melody (S. Krishnamurthy, pub: Ananya)

This narrative shows how a man who lived and breathed devotional music all his life attained a fitting end in the lap of the lord. That is the crux of what is yoga in the Bhagavadgita (8.10) And the resounding assurance of the lord in Bhagavadgita, to always take care of his devotee, never goes in vain (9.22).

Come, let us enjoy the concert!

Concert Details

Maharajapuram Santhanam --------- Vocal
T.G.Tyagarajan ------------------------Violin
Tanjore Upendran ---------------------Mridangam
Ramanavami Concert held on 24-4-1983 at "Parvathi

Song List

01.Vandenishamaham-Hamsadhvani-MV*** 02.Seetamma.mayamma-Vasantha-T*** 03.Narayana-Shuddha.Dhanyasi-PD*** 04.Ranganathude-Sourashtra-Ponniah.Pillai*** 05.Purvikalyani.Raga(Vocal&Violin)*** 06.Marachitivemo-Purvikalyani-MV*** 07.Aparadhi.naanalla-Revathi-PD*** 08.Nannu.vidachi-Reetigowla-T*** 09.Akhilandeshwari-Dwijavanti-MD- ***10.Kannarekande-Behag-PD*** 11.Sharangan.Marugane.-Ragamalika*** 12.Govinda.ninna-Janasammodini-PD*** 13.Vilayada.idhu.nerama-Shanmugapriya-TN.Balu*** 14.Namasmarana.sukam-Yamankalyani-Tulasivanam.(part.only)***