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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ramanavami Music from Mysore - In the good old days

Vid.TV Sankaranarayanan, Ramanavami 1974 at 'Parvathi'

Reflections by R. Sachi

Nothing enhances the value of music like nostalgia. And surely, it’s better to be nostalgic about the good music one enjoyed long ago rather than recall bygone memories with perhaps sadness. Music heard long ago can still remain in our hearts and give us much joy. This is one of life’s blessings indeed.

The good old days of Ramanavami music from Mysore are very much in our thoughts as we hear this vintage recording from Vid. TV Sankaranarayanan. A protégé of the great Madurai Mani Iyer, he came into his own strongly in the 1970’s. His concert at Parvathi in 1974 was a classic, with some wonderful accompaniment from the doyens.

The concert recording is not available in full, but we HAD to share these gems with rasikas worldwide. In these days of quantity, it is better to go back to those days of quality indeed!

Happy Listening!

Concert Details

T.V.Sankaranarayanan -------------- Vocal
V.Sethuramiah ------------------------Violin
K.S.Manjunath ---------------------Ghatam
on 3-4-1974 at "Parvathi" during Ramanavami.

Song List

01 Vatapi- Hamsadhwani- Muthuswami Dikshitar
02 Ora joopu- Kannadagowla-Thyagaraja
03 Niravadi sukhada- Ravichandrika- Thyagaraja
04 Nitya Rupa-Darbar-Thyagaraja
05 Raghuvara-Kamavardhini-Thyagaraja
06 Brochevarevarura-Khamach-Vasudevachar