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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Seeing the Romantic in Every Raga

M. Chandrasekharan & G. Bharathi-violin duet, 'Parvathi' Ramanavami 1981

An appreciation by R. Sachi

Courtesy: Times of India

Among the many musical stars that have shone brightly in the Parvathi sky, Sangeetha Kalanidhi M. Chandrasekharan, or Chandru to Sri K. Srikantiah, and Vidwan MC to others, is a bright and constant one. For many decades now, Vidwan MC has been a leading violinist wowing audiences with his remarkable violin accompaniment, solos, and duets. In Parvathi alone, he has performed a few dozen times. This blog has already featured him in 16/17 concerts, as an accompanist as well as in violin duets. This is a small indicator of the immense love and respect that is mutual between Sri KS and Vidwan MC.

For anyone who has attended a concert by Vidwan MC, three things are etched in the mind forever. First, his smiling face with dark glasses. Second, his unflagging enthusiasm throughout the concert. Third and most important, his violin playing which is remarkably sweet and highly effective in every type of music. What makes this musician tick?

Vidwan MC is 79 years old now, and has been playing the violin on the concert stage for more than 67 years. He sees music brilliantly, despite his visual handicap. He is loved by audiences and musicians worldwide. Playing the violin in a demanding genre like Carnatic music is not easy. The visual handicap adds many challenges. But not only has Vidwan MC overcome every difficulty, but he has also developed the inner eye to see music in a life-long romance. He sees the romantic side of every raga, always. The present concert is ample proof of this, and covers a range of compositions. Vidwan MC connects instantly with the audiences because he is so sensitive. He says in an interview, conducted by Kutcheribuzz on the occasion of his receiving the Sangeetha Kalanidhi title from the Madras Music Academy: " One can sense the preferences of the audience minutes after a concert begins. I see everything through my heart."

In this concert, the vidwan plays a rare composition "Ramesham Jagadeesham", composed by Bangalore Yogacharya Sundaram. It appears to be tuned in the raga Shuddha Malavi by Vidwan MC himself. In many places throughout the concert, Vidwan MC vocalises the lyrics as well.

Vid. Bharathi, daughter and disciple of Vidwan MC, has accompanied him in this concert with equal enthusiasm. Percussion support by Vid. TAS Mani and Vid. Ramesh draws praise from the main artistes.

Come, let us enjoy a lovely concert held in Parvathi, Mysore, 35 years ago!


M.Chandrasekharan ----------- Violin
Bharathi ----------------------------- Violin
T.A.S.Mani ------------------ Mridangam
T.N.Ramesh ---------------- Ghatam

on 20-4-81 at "Parvathi" during Ramanavami

Song List

01. Manasa Etulo-Malayamarutha-Thyagaraja *** 02. Raghuvamsha-Kadanakutuhala-Patnam Subramania Iyer *** 03. Janani Ninnuvina-Reetigowla-Subbaraya Shastri *** 04. Bhuvaneshvariya-Mohanakalyani-Muthiah Bhagavatar *** 05. Nagumomu-Abheri-Thyagaraja *** 06. Ramesham Jagadeesham- Shuddha Malavi?-Bangalore Yogacharya Sundaram *** 07.Shanmukhapriya Ragam, Tanam *** 08. Ragamalika Pallavi *** 09. Seethakalyana-Kurinji-Thyagaja ***