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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

The Charm of Good Music


The season of Ramanavami concerts is here. Also hot weather, mangoes and nowadays, IPL. In the midst of all this, come and savour some delectable music from three superstars of Carnatic Music together - Maharajapuram, Lalgudi and Vellore. For those born after 1950, and who developed a taste for Carnatic music by their good fortune in the 60s-80s, these three names mean Vid. Santhanam, Vid. Jayaraman, and Vid. Ramabhadran!


What do we look for in a good Carnatic concert? Melody. Great songs. A team dynamic that makes each artiste build on others' music. A mood once born that lingers in our minds and hearts for long. Happy moments. A sense of devotion. All that is in plenty here. 

Lalgudi offers very creative responses to the tuneful vocal phrases, eliciting much appreciation. They both build up wonderful alapanas, niravals and swara exchanges. The audience response is vigorous. The mridangam strokes of Vellore Ramabhadran, as always, are like the cornerstones of an edifice - beautiful, sharp, strong and well-laid.

The song of Swathi Thirunal in Huseni needs special mention. Rarely heard, it showcases the composer-king's penchant for well-worded Sanskrit prayers to the Lord. 

रागः हुसेनी तालः आदि

श्रीरामचन्द्र! परिलस मम हृदि पारावारगम्भीर! श्रीराम !
- Dear Sri Rama! Please come and sport in my heart, Oh Lord as deep as the ocean!
करशोभितखरभेदनकरकार्मुक  करुणारसराजितनयन!
-Your hand is adorned by the mighty bow that vanquished Khara, your eyes are shining with compassion!
जानकीहृदयमॊहनविलसित! अम्बुजनाभ विभॊ! 
- You are charmingly adorning Devi Sita's heart! Oh Lord of the lotus navel!
भानुकुलज! दशवदननिशूदन! वानरादिपरिवॆष्टित! पावन!
- Oh, Scion of the Solar Dynasty! The destroyer of the ten-headed Ravana! Oh, Lord surrounded by Vanaras and others in your army! Oh, Lord who purifies and saves devotees!



Sri Ramanavami Festival, Parvathi, Mysore

Maharajapuram Santhanam - Vocal (accompanied by son)
Lalgudi Jayaraman - Violin
Vellore Ramabhadran - Mridangam

Date 6 April 1982

Song List

01. Dudukugala - Gaula Pancharatna - Thyagaraja
02. Seethamma Mayamma - vasantha - Thyagaraja
03. Toli Janma - Bilahari - Thyagaraja
04. Ardhanareeshwaram - Kumudakriya - Dikshitar
05. Samajavaragama - Hindola - Thyagaraja
06. Sri Rama Parllasa mama Hridi - Huseni - Swathi Thirunal
07. Etavunnara - Kalyani - Thyagaraja
08. Govinda - Janasammodini - Purandaradasa
09. Shloka - Ragamalika (Brindavansaranga, Mohana, Basant Bahar)
10. Basant Bahar Thillana - Maharajapuram Santhanam