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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ananda Natesa - a unique conception of God in HInduism

Vid. KJ Yesudas 1982 'Parvathi' Ramanavami Concert

A coverage by R. Sachi

We feature another full-fledged concert of Vid. KJ Yesudas this time. The love affair between "Parvathi" and Sri Yesudas continues after many decades and at his Putturao Memorial concert last year, almost crowd control measures were needed when 2500 people thronged the Jagan Mohan Palace. His popularity has always soared high for his delightful presentation style and unparalleled voice. In this concert, held 34 years ago, he enjoys the company of two stalwarts and eventual Sangeetha Kalanidhis, Vid. M. Chandrasekharan and Vid. Palghat Raghu. As usual, the excellent recording quality, despite its being a home recording, is a precious gift of "Parvathi" to all rasikas.

The song list includes the Tamil composition Ananda Natesa. The conception of God in cosmic dance is unique to Hinduism. Celebrated in iconography, art, music, dance and culture, this symbolism goes beyond mere beauty. The five elements are present in this dance, and the chidambara is a metaphor for the daharaakasha, the abode of the Infinite in our bosom.

Ananda Coomaraswamy, the famed writer and researcher, had this to say about the conception of Nataraja.
From the Dance of Siva by Ananda Coomaraswamy (1918) (also the image reproduced below):

" Now to summarize the whole interpretation we find that the Essential Significance of Siva's Dance is threefold: First, it is the image of his Rhythmic Play as the Source of all Movement within the Cosmos, which is Represented by the Arch; Secondly, the Purpose of his Dance is to Release the Countless souls of men from the Snare of Illusion; Thirdly the Place of the Dance, Chidambaram, the Centre of the Universe, is within the Heart. So far I have refrained from all aesthetic criticism and have endeavoured only to translate the central thought of the conception of Siva's dance from plastic (i.e.sculptural form) to verbal expression, without reference to the beauty or imperfection of individual works. But it may not be out of place to call attention to the grandeur of this conception itself as a synthesis of science, religion and art. How amazing the range of thought and sympathy of those rishi artists who first conceived such a type as this, affording an image of reality, a key to the complex tissue of life, a theory of nature, not merely satisfactory to a single clique or race, nor acceptable to the thinkers of one century only, but universal in its appeal to the philosopher, the lover, and the artist of all ages and all countries. How supremely great in power and grace this dancing image must appear to all those who have striven in plastic (an expression used to describe art forms such as sculpture etc.) forms to give expression to their intuition of Life! "

So dear rasikas, come and enjoy pure melody from 35 years ago!

Concert Details

Vid. K.J. Yesudas -------------- Vocal
Vid. M. Chandrasekharan-- Violin
Vid. Palghat Raghu ---------- Mridangam
Vid. M.A. Krishnamurti ---- Ghatam
On 5-4-82 during Ramanavami at 'Parvathi'.

Song List

01. Evaribodhana- Abhogi Varna-= Patnam Subrahmanya Iyer *** 02. Vatapi-Hamsadhvani- Muthuswami Dikshitar *** 03. Rakshamam - Nata - Meenakshisuta *** 04. Pavanaguru-Hamsanandi- Lalithadasar *** 05. Santana Ramaswaminam-Hindola vasanta- Muthuswami Dikshitar *** 06. Abhimanamennadu- Kunjari- Thyagaraja *** 07. Mokshamu galada-Saramati- Thyagaraja *** 08.Todi Raga *** 09. Ananda Natesa-Todi- Ramaswamy Sivan *** 10. Shankarabharana Raga *** 11. Tana-Pallavi-Ragamalika swaras *** 12.Nandanandana-Desh- Lalitha Dasar *** 13. Kannanai Kandayo -Sindhubhairavi-Lalithadasar ***14. Shadj ne paya- Ragamalika- Tansen *** 15. Mangalam ***