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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

A Free Spirit called MLV

Dr. M.L. Vasanthakumari (1928-1990)

The music lovers of the home called Parvathi, and the large audiences that enjoyed the concerts conducted there for many decades, simply loved the music of Dr M.L.Vasanthakumari or MLV as she is famous. 

Take any aspect of Carnatic music, MLV was great. A true all-rounder, no less. Endowed with a vibrant and pliant voice and trained by the best in the classical field, she also inherited a great interest in Dasara Padas. More than anything else, she was a soaring free spirit in creativity. This sums up MLV. 

Today, we see a plethora of lady stars in Carnatic music. Many have doctorates. many specialise in singing a variety of music formats. Each has carved a niche. But we can't think of anyone in our midst that can be compared to that original free spirit among lady singers - MLV.

In those times, there was the famous trinity - MSS, DKP and MLV. Much younger than the other two, MLV made a mark in every concert for her creativity and free exploration of manodharma elements. She was equally at home rendering an RTP or singing any type of krithi in any language. When someone talks of MLV and her greatness, we need not search for explanations of who backed her or how she came up. It was sheer talent that struck you from the word go.

In this concert, there are two outstanding raga delineations - Mohanam and Bhairavi. The Bhairavi RTP is one for the archives. And the violinist, Dr Kanyakumari, shines brilliantly with her accompanying phrases, her solo pieces, and the heroic way she wields her bow.

The concert has a large number of songs on offer in many languages and many moods.

The very famous Purandara Dasa krithi Jaya Jaya Jaya Janakikantha comes as the second song. We feel we should spend a little time appreciating the words.

(Copied from the compilation by Dr. Aralumallige Parthasarathy)

Those who have read the Valmiki epic know how Sage Narada introduces the personality of Sri Rama to Sage Valmiki. The short version of Ramayana he tells Valmiki forms an important part of the Ramayana tradition. Similarly, Saint Purandara Dasa has covered every aspect of Sri Rama's story in this krithi.

"The beloved of Sita, the succour of the pure and humble souls, Sri Rama is the great hero of our Dharma. He is the dutiful son of Dasharatha, the hero who vanquished the ten-headed Ravana! A dear friend of Lord Shiva, Sri Rama was the embodiment of purity in conduct. Handsome like Manmatha, expert in diplomacy and astuteness, Sri Rama was incomparable in valour! Lover of the best of music (Sama Gana), devoted to caring for the good souls on earth, Sri Rama fulfils our every true wish and reminds us of the magnificent ocean by his serene demeanour. He, as the incarnation of Bhagavan, is the subject of all scriptures. Sri Rama grants the worthy souls liberation!"

Come, let us enjoy this wonderful vintage classic of an MLV concert!

Concert Details
Ramanavami 1979.
M.L. Vasanthakumari - Vocal
A. Kanyakumari - Violin
Tanjore Krishnamurthy Rao - Mridangam
? - Khanjira
Date 15 April 1979

Song List

01_Namami Vighnavinayaka - Hamsadhwani - Krishnaswamy Ayya
02_Jaya Jaya Janakikantha- Nata - Purandara Dasa
03_Enta Ranee - Harikambhoji - Thyagaraja
04_Entani vinnavintura - Urmika - Pallavi Sesha Aiyyar
05_Rama ninnu nammina-Mohanam- Thyagaraja
06_Sridhara pahi Dayakara Vedasugochara 
Giridhara- Jayanthashri - Mysore Vasudevacharya
07_Bhairavi Ragam Tanam Pallavi (Tanam in Pancha Ghana Ragas)
08_Uga Bhoga - Shivaranjani- Purandara Dasa
09_Yamanelli Kananendu - Shivaranjani - Purandara Dasa
(Mohanam,Gavati,Yamuna Kalyani, Sindhu Bhairavi)Ashtapadhi- Jayadeva 
11_Sharanu Ninage - Pahadi and other ragas- Purandara Dasa
14_Jagadoddharana - Kapi - Purandara Dasa
15_Mohana Kalyani Thillana - Lalgudi Jayaraman