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Friday, October 21, 2022

When music is in the air... A Tribute to Vid. T. V. Sankaranarayanan

Vid. T.V. Sankaranarayanan 1998 Sri Ramanavami

Reflections by R. Sachi

The goal of human life, according to Sanatana Dharma, is to see divinity in everything. But where to make a start? The best place is where there is great music. When good music is in the air, divinity descends instantly.

यच्च किञ्चित् जगत्सर्वं दृश्यते श्रूयतेऽपि वा।
अन्तर्बहिश्च तत्सर्वं व्याप्य नारायणः स्थितः॥

The Upanishad declares that Lord Sriman Narayana is present in all that we see and hear around, inside and outside. To experience this, music is a great way.

This experience is palpable for everyone who ever attended a Parvathi concert in person or virtually through this blog. This is the opinion of rasikas that we hear all the time. 

We start the Parvathi grand finale with a tribute to the late legend, Sangita Kalanidhi T. V. Sankaranarayanan (1945-2022). In his six-decade-long active career, he has come and performed many times in Parvathi, with stellar accompaniments too. His most recent appearance was in 2011. Here, we feature an excellent, full-length concert from the 1998 Sri Ramanavami festival at Parvathi. The accompanists viz. Vidwans Mysore Nagaraj, Arjun Kumar and Ramanujam have enlivened his mercurial delivery. 

When one listens Sri. TVS, one visualises the sacred horse Ucchaishravas rising from the milky ocean, and flying into the skies. An unmatched beauty with adornments and bells, the horse sets our hearts racing. It is the same effect in Sri. TVS's music.

Sri. TVS filled every moment of his music with vibrancy, energy, melody and pace. He batted like a T20 titan. His song choice was easy on the listener, not taxing the brain but satisfying the soul. His trademark sarvalaghu swaras were never boring. Inheriting that ability from the one and only Sri. Madurai Mani Iyer, his uncle, Sri. TVS added verve, resonance and raciness to his music.

In this concert, we get a wholesome treatment of Purvi Kalyani, Charukeshi and Darbari Kanada, and realise that this vidwan is no less than any Hindustani doyen in extracting the Bhava in these ragas. Mysore Nagaraj matches him in melody and verve. The tani is sparkling.

The song in Purvikalyani is composed by Smt.Ambujam Krishna of the TVS family who received the sahityam in divine visitations. It has been tuned by Vid. Musiri Subrahmanya Iyer. We feel that the song is so evocative that we want to share the words here:
iniyAghilum ninai maname
raagam: pUrvikalyANi
taaLam: rUpaka
Composer: Ambujam Krishna
Language: Tamil


iniyAghilum ninai manamE inakula tilakanai rAghavanai


punita tyAga brahmam magizhak-kanindu kATSi tanda kaNyanai


minnal vAzhvu muDiyumunnam kanma vinaigaL kaNattil aghala
tannigarillA dAsharathiyai kannal nAma kAkuttanai

         Sahitya courtesy:Karnatik.com



O Mind! At least hereafter, think of Raghava, the greatest of the Sun dynasty


          The dignified one who appeared before the pure Thyagaraja and pleased him 

        (O Mind)


Before this transitory lightning life ends, 
For the Karma of previous and present birth to vanish in an instant
The nonpareil son of Dasaratha
He of the Kakuthstha dynasty with the nectarine name (think of him)

         Translation- Kind courtesy Smt.Sujatha Vijayaraghavan


We offer our heartfelt tribute to the legend Vidwan Sri. T. V. Sankaranarayanan. May his Atma be blessed by Bhagavan for all his service to Carnatic music. May rasikas continue to preserve his legacy through listening to his great music. 

We also congratulate the gods who will get to listen to him live, in person, and not through an online stream or archive!

Note: We have chosen to upload the entire concert in one single stream on Youtube for your uninterrupted listening pleasure.

Concert Details

T.V. Sankaranarayanan -------- Vocal
Mysore M. Nagaraj ----- Violin
Bangalore Arjun Kumar ------------ Mridangam
G.S.Ramanujam ----------- Ghatam
on 12-4- 1998 at "Parvathi" during Sri Ramanavami Music Festival.

Song List

01 Pranatosmi Devam Vinayakam - Nata - Tulasivanam ***
02 Barayya Venkataramana - Saveri - Purandaradasa ***
03 Ramabhakti Samrajya - Shuddha Bangala - Thyagaraja ***
04 Iniyaghilum Ninai Maname - Purvikalyani - Ambujam Krishna ***
05 Adamodi Galade Ramayya - Charukeshi - Thyagaraja ***
06 Tani ***
07 Sarasamukhi Sakalabhagya de - Gaudamalhar - Muthiah Bhagavatar ***
08 Viruttam - Darbari Kanada ***
09 Govardhana Giridhara - Darbari Kanada - Narayanatirtha ***
10 Mangalam ***


Monday, October 17, 2022

Dear Rasikas, Welcome back to the blog, with new concerts!

Welcome Back!

A message from Mysore Prabha

Wishing all the visitors to Parvathi Blog a very joyful, healthy and prosperous Deepavali!

There has been a long silence of almost three years now with our blog going without a posting. 

To be honest, it was as unforeseen to us as it was to you all. 

The world has gone through very difficult times these three years. So did two of our blog members, having had to face traumatic times after untimely loss of loved ones. Not to mention the pandemic wreaking havoc in all families world over. 

 Looking forward, we will start the music postings once again. 

But, like they say, all things have to come to an end sometime. 

The man behind all the concerts in the blog, Sri.K.Srikantiah (my dear Father), is now 95 years old. Due to
circumstances and age, he is unable to organize concerts anymore. 

It was with a very happy and proud heart that we shared classic music from his personal collection with the rasikas through this blog till now. 

Sadly, the collection is almost coming to an end.
If only all the concerts at "Parvathi" were recorded and preserved! 

Grateful that we were able to retrieve, restore and share so many concerts from one single venue. Well then, onto the "GRAND FINALE" run of the music postings from K.Srikantiah's treasure, starting this Deepavali. You can look forward to more than two dozen superb concerts by maestros, all recorded live in festival concerts organised by us.

It is indeed a joy sharing it with you all. The music postings may come to an end, but the celestial music of legends, the creative music of upcoming artists, and the versatile, appealing music of artists who have devoted their lives to music will eternally reverberate in rasikas' ears. 

The blog will continue to be accessible as before with all the archived concerts intact. Please write to us with your feedback and comments.

Yours ever,