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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Jai Ayodhya Ram! - Vintage MLV concert

1974 Rama Pattabhisheka Concert - Dr. MLV

The world is celebrating the consecration of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya in the new Ram Mandir built after the Supreme Court verdict. It ends 500 years of a slavish mentality and celebrates the most important incarnation in the Hindu Pantheon, Shri Rama, who stands for Dharma. 

रमन्ते योगिनः यस्मिन् सः is the etymology of the word "Rama". Shri Rama reveals His true nature and form only to the foremost of Yogis. But as the supreme king of all mankind, ruling from Ayodhya, he gives joy to all... of all species and at all stages of evolution! 

The celebratory song जगदानन्दकारक could have been sung only by a saint of the calibre of Sri. Thyagaraja. The entire song, the first of the Pancharathna krithis, celebrates the joyous nature of Shri Rama! No wonder the whole world is in joy as we witness the historic consecration of the Ayodhya Ram temple on 22 January 2024. What better way for the home of Parvathi to celebrate this than by sharing the audio recording of a great concert by the perennial favourite of rasikas, Dr. MLV, held on Shri Rama Pattabhisheka day in 1974 in Parvathi! Vid. MLV displays her virile and imaginative concert style full of cascading Brighas and songs to satiate the Rasika on the occasion of Sri Rama Pattabhisheka!

Come, let us enjoy this wonderful vintage classic of an MLV concert!

Concert Details

Dr. M.L. Vasanthakumari and Party, 10 April 1974 at Parvathi Shri Rama Pattabhisheka concert.

Song List
  1. Gajavadana - Sriranjani- Papanasam Sivan
  2. Jagadanandakaraka - Nata - Thyagaraja
  3. Marivere- Lathangi - Patnam Subrahmanya Iyer
  4. Neerajakshi Kamakshi - Hindolam - Muthuswami Dikshitar
  5. Bagayanayya - Chandrajyoti - Thyagaraja
  6. Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Enniro - Vasantha - Purandaradasa
  7. Hari Kambhoji Ragam Tanam Pallavi (raga changes - Kanada, Behag)
  8. Bhaja Man Ramcharan Sukhadayi - Bhajan -Sindhu Bhairavi - Tulsi Dasa
  9. Sundaramurti Mukhyaprana - Jinjhuti - Purandaradasa
  10. Shloka on Rama Pattabhisheka- Shahana, Durga, Kalyanavasantha, Mohana followed by Ram Bhajan
  11. Mangalam